Professor David R. Dow, Esq

Professor Dow is the Rorschach Visiting Professor of History at Rice University and the Cullen Professor at the University of Houston Law Center, where he has taught since 1988. Professor Dow received his undergraduate degree from Rice, and his graduate and law degrees from Yale. He is the founder of the Texas Innocence Network. Often working with UH Law Center students, he has represented more than one hundred death row inmates in their state and federal appeals. In 2014, Dow formed JCAP, an organization geared towards helping at-risk children who have already been affected by the criminal justice system. Professor Dow has successfully connected his legal resources with the Houston community and is helping to change the lives of children who would otherwise be left to the system.


Mr. DuBose is an author and advocate for the rights of the homeless and incarcerated. His work has been featured in The Spartanburg Herald-Journal, The State, The Post and Courier, and Daily Kos, among other publications. After graduating from Clemson University in 2009, he attended the University of Houston Law Center. Coby has volunteered his time with the Texas Innocence Network, where he investigated claims of actual innocence, and with the Harris County Public Defender's Office, where he assisted in post-conviction appellate writing.

Patrick F. McCann

Patrick F. McCann is a retired Navy officer with twenty years experience in criminal defense work in Texas. He has a solo practice dedicated to trial, appellate, and post-conviction work in Houston. He is a past President of both the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association and the Fort Bend Criminal Defense Attorneys Association. He is certified to handle death penalty cases at trial, on appeal, and on post-conviction habeas.  He is a former legislative liaison for both organizations, and is a member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the National Legal Aid and Defenders Association.

Carmen Roe

Carmen Roe has established herself as a valued appellate and criminal defense attorney whose work has been recognized as outstanding among her peers, judges, and other attorneys in the field. She has worked individually and on legal teams to defend well known, high profile clients such as Andrea Yates, Quannel X, Ashley Benton, Susan Wright, Todd Burke, Jeffrey Stern and Tom Delay.

Regina Miriam Guidry

Ms. Guidry is a nutritionist with over 25 years of experience in her profession. She has served a very diverse population of clients over the past fourteen years as a site manager and nutritionist consultant in the City of Houston Women, Infants, and Children’s (WIC) program. She recently took on the position of Assistant Director of the Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services (HCPHES) Nutrition and WIC services program.

Regina received her B.S. in Food and Nutrition from the University of Hamburg, Germany in 1994 and her M.S. in Nutrition from Texas Southern University in 2001. She has been attending classes at Texas Woman’s University for the past two years to further her education. Ms. Guidry is a member of the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians’ Association (CPSDA) and the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). She has volunteered as a sports nutrition consultant for the past 3 years. Ms. Guidry resides in Houston, Texas.

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