Ellen Sampson Morris, Advisor

Ms. Morris was introduced to the Anthony Graves Foundation through her son, Henry Morris, the foundation's first high school summer intern. She has a BA from the University of Texas and a JD from Southern Methodist University. After work in government, private practice and corporate settings, and years serving with various Houston non-profit organizations, she advises in administrative and program capacities, blending commitments to both justice and community.

Beth Rivera, Advisor

Ms. Rivera is a an active local volunteer and community organizer, a sought after Realtor. She has served on various non-profit boards and with different community organizations. She is native Houstonian, wife and mother.

Windi Pastorini, Director of Legal Affairs

Ms. Pastorini is the senior partner at Akins Brooks Tran. She began her legal career as a prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s office, however for the last 25 years she has aggressively defended the wrongfully accused; and she is relentless.

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