If  you  are seeking our help regarding a claim of actual innocence, we are honored to assist you.  In order to determine whether (“HIP”) Humane Investigation Project may be of assistance, we require additional information regarding your case.  Please complete and return the questionnaire below, so that we may look into your claim of wrongful conviction.

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The Humane Investigation Project, or HIP, is tasked with assisting inmates who have been wrongfully convicted, face the death penalty, and/or received an overly harsh sentence.  We provide a review of these inmates’ cases, an investigation if warranted, and access to a collaborative group of experienced attorneys to pursue any legal remedies available.  HIP stands out from most innocence projects at law schools, because we provide long-term advocacy of our cases, which cover broader areas of criminal justice reform than just actual innocence claims.



In 2015, the Human Investigation Project was formed under the umbrella of the Anthony Graves Foundation.  Having been exonerated after 18 years behind bars, Anthony Graves has created this project to “promote fairness and effect reform in the criminal justice system by assisting those who allege actual innocence claims,” as well as other areas in need of criminal reform.  Because of his experiences and respect among Texas inmates, Graves regularly receives pleas of help from prisoners across the state (most of whom come from Harris County).



In its short history, HIP has already helped secure the exoneration of Alfred Dewayne Brown, a Texas death row inmate who was wrongfully accused of killing a Houston police officer.  Mr. Graves was instrumental in persuading a reluctant witness to come forward, which was the primary reason for Brown’s exoneration.

HIP also secured a stay of execution for Texas death row inmate Julius Murphy.  Through HIP’s efforts, a witness who could verify Murphy’s innocence was located and provided an affidavit. This statement resulted in Murphy’s stay of execution.



Partnership with Local Law Schools and Universities - we are also currently in talks with several local law schools to assist us with cases at HIP.  We have already secured a partnership with a political science professor at Texas State University, whose students are assisting us on research of a possible case of actual innocence.

Monthly Legal Roundtable Discussion - we are currently recruiting attorneys, law enforcement, forensic scientists and other criminal justice professionals to create a panel of experts to evaluate select cases once a month.  We will invite participants to attend the meeting in Houston, but will also offer the opportunity for other interested parties to participate via a conference call.  Each month, one to two cases will be presented by HIP, and the participants will discuss areas for further investigation and legal action.  Once a consensus has been reached about what direction to take on the case, HIP will elicit volunteers to offer their services for that case.

Interns and Volunteers - HIP is actively recruiting interns and volunteers to make a long-term commitment to work on cases.  HIP currently has two graduate students who are assisting with HIP cases.

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